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Parent Testimonials

"When my son was only 3 years old and at the worst part of his autism diagnosis, he would lash out at Kristi-Leigh and she always lovingly redirected him, never wavering in her tolerance or professionalism. Thanks to her patience and expertise, he was able to begin communicating within a few months of starting therapy. Because of that, my son has grown to love and respect her more than any of his other therapists or teachers. I can never thank her enough for the training and support she gave me as a parent and for giving my son a voice. She is an amazing SLP, true friend, and advocate." -MG

"My son has been receiving speech and language therapy from Kristi-Leigh for a little over a year. As a parent, it is heart-breaking to learn your child has any kind of developmental delay. We were so frustrated that our son was severely delayed in communicating. He experienced tantrums out of frustration because he could not communicate his needs. He is also a child who does not warm up easily to new people. Kristi-Leigh not only has the academic credentials, she has years of experience. She possesses a warmth and nurturing demeanor that my son is captivated by. In the short amount of time we have been with Kristi-Leigh, his progress has been amazing! No more tantrums and he is a happy 3 year old. There are no words to adequately describe how grateful I am as a mom. Hearing my son just say 'mommy' melts me. Being able to have a conversation with him is a dream come true." -SR

"Kristi-Leigh's kind, caring, and fun approach makes therapy like a fun learning adventure for my kids versus being a chore. Both of my kids just adore her! Kristi-Leigh truly goes above and beyond not only for my children but for our entire family. She has always kept us well informed and always took our family needs into consideration. Her warm approach is really the main reason my children took to her so quickly and why they get such high quality therapy because she truly loves what she does and its evident how much she loves children." -KR

"Kristi-Leigh has been the light when we were lost in the dark. After being told time and time again by our pediatrician, family and friends that our daughter was fine and just needed time, Kristi-Leigh was the advocate we needed. She has helped us with home education and bridged a gap between our daughter's schooling and therapy. She is passionate about the kids and she has gone above and beyond for our family. We are eternally grateful for her hard work and dedication. She has changed our lives." -AZ

"We had the good fortune to work with Kristi-Leigh at the beginning of our son's autism journey. Her warm and professional approach to therapy brought great improvements in our son's behavior and communication skills. At the same time, she gave a very worn and worried mom the strength to keep faith in the possibilities no matter what the diagnosis." -EK

"I may not have the words to properly express my gratitude but thanks to you, my boys now do. I can't express how much of an impact you have had on C. He functions so much better at school and home because he has the words. Thanks for contributing so profoundly to C's happiness." -JC

"Thank you! J is speaking so clearly. I love when he slowly says, 'I want...' We are so proud of him and we are sure his progress is because of your patience and loving attention. Giving our child the gift of expressing himself is one we can never repay!" -MH

Child Testimonials

"Kristi-Leigh was my speech therapist for 6 years. She loves kids and she helped me learn how to talk and be good." -E, 9, Autism

"Mrs. Lyon helped me learn my sounds. We played fun learning games. Mrs. Lyon is funny!"-G, 9, Articulation & Language

"I have stuttering problems but in the past year, Mrs. Lyon has taught me a lot of strategies. I really enjoy coming to speech because of her personality. She makes me strong and is very patient with me. Also, she is very encouraging and won't give up on you if you make a mistake." -E, 11, Fluency

"I was nervous going to speech but the first time you made me laugh, I knew it was going to be fine. You make learning fun and exciting. Thank you for helping me with my speech." -K, 11, Articulation

"I have been coming to speech since second grade. I have learned a lot each day and you taught me new strategies. I promise to use them in middle school! Whenever I came into your class, I saw your smile and it brightened my day. You are the best speech teacher and always will be."-L, 11, Fluency

"I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my speech problems. You were just so fun with the way you taught me. I hope you will continue helping others as fun and wonderful as you taught me." -G, Articulation