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*Teletherapy speech and language services during school closings offer parent support, collaboration with teachers, and individualized intervention for your child.

*Fast ForWord, an evidence-based computer program for home learning, provides cognitive and literacy cross-training targeting root causes of language and

reading difficulty. Exercises focus on specific reading and language tasks while simultaneously improving memory, attention, processing speed and sequencing.

*Call now to hear how Fast ForWord can help your child (kindergarten-high school).

Do you have concerns about your child?

Does your son struggle with reading and writing skills?

Are following directions and answering questions difficult for your grandson?

Is your daughter's speech difficult to understand?

Does your toddler understand you but he's not using gestures and words?

Are friendships and play skills challenging for your child to develop and maintain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or have other concerns, call Estero Speech and Language Services at (239) 253-1290.

Every child and family situation is unique which is why we offer a variety of settings to best meet the needs of your child. Some children thrive with therapy provided at home, daycare or school to facilitate learning. Your child's toys, school assignments and peers are incorporated into sessions for skill development. Other children benefit from a child-friendly office exposed to novel manipulatives, toys and activities. Some children need community-based sessions to foster improved communication skills in stores, restaurants and the park. Whatever place suits your child's needs and learning style, at Estero Speech and Language Services we teach you how to teach your child to succeed in every day life events. Working in your child's environment as well as within the community promotes generalization of skills across people, situations, and settings.

Schedule your first session now to help the child in your life succeed.

Dynamic assessments and evidenced-based practices are provided for children of all ages.

Estero Speech and Language Services is conveniently located at 9990 Coconut Road, Estero, Suite 228, in The Brooks Executive Suites just minutes from Coconut Point mall.

At Estero Speech and Language Services we provide personalized therapy with family, educational and medical support to optimize your child's success. With 23 years experience, our speech-language pathlogist has been providing personalized communication and academic services to children in Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples and Fort Myers for over 15 years.

The cost of your child's speech and language services may be covered by the Gardiner Scholarship Program. Estero Speech and Language Services is an approved Step Up for Students Gardiner Scholarship Provider. Read more to determine if your child is eligible for coverage. 


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