Speech and Language Services

estero speech therapy supporting families
                        Family Support

 Parent and Family Training
 School Observations, Consultations, and Staff Trainings
 Community Screenings and Evaluations (daycares, preschools, schools)


Comprehensive Evaluations and Therapy addressing the following skills:

Language Comprehension (understanding gestures, pictures, vocabulary, directions, questions, recalling information, metalinguistics, etc.)
Language Expression (using gestures, pictures, vocabulary, sentence structure, asking and answering questions, relating events, conversational skills, etc.)
Articulation (oral placement therapy, range, strength, accuracy of articulators, sound production, intelligibility, etc.)
Writing (content, organization, mechanics, etc.)
Pragmatic Language (eye contact, attention, reciprocity, social use of language, nonverbal and verbal skills, conversation, etc.)
Reading (phonics, phonemic/phonological awareness, rate, fluency, accuracy, comprehension, Fast ForWord program, etc.)
Fluency (airflow, rate, rhythm of speaking, etc.)
Play ( joint attention, imitation, solitary, parallel, cooperative play, etc.)
Social Emotional (social thinking based on Michelle Winner's work, perspective taking, building and maintaining relationships with peers, siblings, and family members, etc.)

Skilled intervention is provided for children at risk for and diagnosed with developmental delays, language-based reading and writing delays/disorders, dyslexia, selective mutism, oral motor delays, childhood apraxia of speech, autism, Down Syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, auditory processing disorder, pragmatic language disorder, social emotional disorders, stuttering, and hearing loss.

Please call (239) 253-1290 or email KLL@Esterospeech.com for specific evaluation and therapy rates.